World-class Food Production Facility

We plan to build a state-of-the-art Prep Kitchen and Food Lab. We will provide physical kitchen infrastructure, training opportunities, and business mentoring needed to support, incubate, and educate present and future local food and artisanal business entrepreneurs. This will be the first shared-use commercial kitchen in The Bahamas that is FDA Registered & Compliant, fully equipped, and designed to support the production and needs of our local market.

The design includes the shared kitchen spaces along with designated workstations and rooms to allow up to five manufacturers concurrently. There will be a Preparation Room, Dehydration Corner, Bakers Station, two (2) Kitchen areas, Packaging Room & Canning Room. The facility will be equipped with a retail space, reception area as well as loading and receiving docks as well.

Rental Equipment

We will offer a large range of rental equipment for our clients. The equipment will be offered in an A La Carte style and on a first come first serve basis. These will range from large pots , immersion blenders to dehydrators. In our first phase we intend to acquire the most commonly requested equipment in our surveys. 

Shared Storage Facilities

Clients have the opportunity to rent cold storage space by their crate size. Dry rentals will also be offered allowing clients to secure their inventory at our facility easing the burden of transportation. Our storage bins come in a variety of sizes and colors for cold and dry usage. They are also equipped with lock boxes that can be assigned to members upon request. 

Onsite Retail & Shared Distribution Network

GROW is currently establishing a local and international distribution network to increase the demand for Bahamian products. We intend to present all products from our clients to our distributor network. We are currently exploring international buyers to distribute our products globally.

Small Business Services & Programs

Training to help you get up and running fast

We have developed programs for local products and food based companies that wish to expand and extend their reach to international markets. Our mission is to facilitate the production of high quality food products by providing instruction on best practices for packaging, pricing and promotions. Training topics include:

Sales Presentation

Product Packaging

Product Marketing

SKUs & Bar Codes


Managing Inventory

Business Management

Brand Identity

FDA Standards

Food Handling

& Food Handlers

Health & Nutrition

Distribution Strategies

Label Review

Specialty Classes