Regina Smith and Kentisha Ward are the Co Owners of GROW and currently own and run their own product based business and have both faced challenges in the areas that the company focuses on.

Regina , Owner of Firehouse Spices has been operating for 6 years as a wholesaler and a retailer. Distributing locally to restaurants and stores, as of recently obtaining placement in the US Distribution market, with products being sold in New York and featured on the US Embassy, Washington DC portal representing The Bahamas. Regina is also a facilitator of the AWE program hosted by the US Embassy & SBDC, giving her the tools to achieve company goals. Regina has also kept a close working relationship with US Universities geared toward food production and development. Her network with the University of Virginia and Cornell University, provides direct contact with their food science departments and innovation centers.

Kentisha , Owner of Pop Stop Gourmet Popsicles has been in operation since October 2015, wholesaling and retailing to local markets. Pop Stop has expanded to Solomon’s Fresh Market, Bahamar & Atlantis Resorts creating valuable distribution networks. Kentisha has also taught entrepreneurship at BTVI & Queen’s College CFE for 5 years consecutively.

Both owners being educators gives them the ability to facilitate the training of potential clients and or members and have the access to finding out what the local challenges are for small product & manufacturing businesses. Our current structure will place Regina taking on the roles to manage these various sections Processing, Corporate Relations, Sourcing, Business/Grant Writing & Applications. Kentisha will take on the roles of Client Acquisitions, Packaging Sourcing, Training Outlines, Facilities Management , Sales & Acquisitions & Marketing & Distribution. Our goal is to step back from private production and focus on enriching, and strengthening this sector through our connections and training opportunities. Both will present a shared focus towards training and export. Using this management style will allow the owners to spread out responsibilities and focus on areas they excel in. We intend to employ additional persons in the areas of Maintenance, Product Development , Administration and Processing. Our initial plan includes nine (9) employees and with the full build out we intend to double this number

Executive Administrator

Will serve as a receptionist at the front desk and will act as a first point of contact for many clients. This person will manage Kitchen Appointments, & Equipment Rentals and overall upkeep of the reception area. This person will also process point of sale for the facility retail centers.

Facilities & Maintenance Manager

This person will oversee all operations in the facility while on staff. They will be responsible for general upkeep of all kitchens and equipment rentals.

Research & Development Manager

Manages and directs the research and development of programs to meet organisational goals as well as assists in the development of new products and offerings.

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

This position will be held by Regina Smith. This role will be responsible for the layout and program opportunity management. Regina will be responsible for Business & Grant Writing Applications. Due to her experience with building an Export network and requirements she will be tasked with the build out of the export program. Regina also has immense knowledge in the processing of various local items and will spearhead the management of the processing space and product innovation.

Chief Operations Officer (COO)

This position will be held by Kentisha who will head the training facilities, packaging facilities, and distribution networks. Kentisha will also assist with facilities management.

Accounting Manager

Supervise, monitor and evaluate all day-to-day accounting activities.


Sales Person

This is a commission based position. Employees will be hired to promote the local sales and GROWth of our local distribution network. Responsible for taking orders , and monitoring the quality and quantity of our client products in local stores.

Tour Guide

a commission based position to facilitate incoming cruise ship and school tours.

Maintenance Person

a commission based position to facilitate incoming cruise ship and school tours.

Facility Aid

This Individual is responsible for general cleanliness and upkeep of public spaces and thoroughfares.

We will employ external companies for overall sanitizing and deep cleaning of the facility. Until we are fully operational 24/7 we will utilize an RFID program to secure spaces.