We have created a phased approach to the design and layout of the facility as well as the equipment needs. We will explore portable options and will opt to purchase new equipment along with warranties for more valuable assets. We have decided on a fluid flow of our kitchen spaces and will utilize moveable
stations and partitions to ensure maximum capacity and processing outputs. We will utilize a booking software to manage services such as reservations, inventory tracking, client charges and equipment rental.

We have opted to design a more ‘Green Kitchen” to save money in the long run. Areas such as design, electrical, plumbing, and equipment will all have sustainability elements in mind, from energy star equipment and solar power to motion detected lights.


We will offer a large range of rental equipment for our clients. The equipment will be offered in an A La Carte style and on a first come first serve basis. These will range from large pots , immersion blenders to dehydrators. In our first phase we intend to acquire the most commonly requested equipment in our surveys. These will be rented out to clients on a time slot basis of (4 hours per client). 


You have the opportunity to rent cold storage space by the crate size. Members will have a reduced rate on cold storage space. Dry rentals will also be offered allowing clients to secure their inventory at our facility easing the burden of transport to and fro. Our storage bins come in a variety of sizes and colors for cold and dry usage. They are also equipped with lock boxes that can be assigned to members upon request. The bins sizes will vary – this allows for ease of storage and inventory keeping for our members, they won’t have to haul their raw materials to and from the facility and can trust that it will be safely secured.


GROW is currently establishing a local and international distribution network to facilitate the local demand for Bahamian products. We intend to present all products from our clients to our distributors on our network. We have an ever growing product list with Bahamian vendors that have unique and one of a kind products that can compete with international brands on quality.