Farmers with excess produce can use this facility to turn their raw material into finishedgoods or offer their goods for sale to the local vendors or client base.


The common challenge amongst local manufacturers is the lack of space and storageto produce and store their finished products. We will provide a space to scale their production andhouse their finished products.


Many of the common processors use common machinery, our facilities will house the common types of machinery to address the local market such as dehydrators & oil pressers to name afew.

Ghost Kitchens

The rise in ghost kitchens. A ghost kitchen is a restaurant you may see online, with no physical location. This growing market has created a demand for clean and safe kitchen space.

Chefs & Caterers

This allows local chefs to host private events and functions without having to resort tosmall home kitchens or major hotels. Our top-of-the-line facilities will also be available for photoshootsand videos.

Teachers & Training Organization

Our training classroom is perfect to host food preparation andsafety classes. Also if chefs want to host specialty training classes they can be hosted here.