We help food entrepreneurs grow their business

Grow Food Lab was started with he goal of helping small food businesses, food entrepreneurs and caterers services to bloom. By providing a wide range of kitchen spaces, GROW helps meet the needs of the food and beverages business.

We understand the unique challenges of starting a food business. If you’re planning to start a restaurant, cafe or bakery, you can use our our fully equipped dedicated kitchens which are available 24/7.  If you are a food entrepreneur and cook alone, we offer shared kitchen facility where you will have access and receive help from one of our team members. 



Our vision is to revolutionize the agriculture industry in The Bahamas by creating opportunities and growth for farmers, artisans, and processors.

Our mission is to provide a safe space for Bahamians to manufacture, produce, & prepare on a commercial scale for distribution and export.



To provide a safe & regulated space for food-based entrepreneurs to create at an exceptional quality & FDA standards

Train and facilitate local producers to showcase their products and services on a local and international platform.

To reduce the barriers of entry to small food and manufacturer businesses by providing basic machinery, space, and support for small businesses.

To create focus towards women by providing the necessary training, resources, and knowledge to scale and expand their businesses through workshops and collaboration.

To create an innovative hub of manufacturers and artisans utilizing a shared processing facility.

To support and promote products that support local producers in the development of their communities.

To access external funding & support from national and multinational agencies to support programs, certifications, training, and licensing